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The Weekend Premium Cannabis

The Weekend Ultra Premium Cannabis - Rise & Rest

The Weekend Premium Ultra Cannabis

Rise (Sativa) & Rest (Indica)

Rise is a stimulating, uplifting strain – the perfect companion for all your daytime adventures. It’s creative and invigorating cerebral effects produce a happy and inspiring high that is perfect for physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects.

Done for the day? Let Rest help you wind down! Let the calming effects wash over and embrace your body from head to toe. Our Rest strain will help you to achieve ultimate tranquility and relaxation, all weekend long.

Did You Know? Sativas (Rise) tend to be higher in THC content and have been used to combat depression. Due to their psychedelic effects, they can exacerbate insomnia and should not be used right before bed.

Recommendation for Use: Pair our Rest strain with your favorite sitcom and you’ll be off to dreamland before the first commercial break.