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Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley Releaf™ Balm

Weekend Box with Papa and Barkley in Los Angeles, California offer ReLeaf Pain Relief THC and CBD Balm. Now in California Weekend Cannabis Gift Boxes.

Papa & Barkley Releaf™ Balm

3:1 THC:CBD Formula

Cannabis isn’t just for getting high! Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Balm™ is a breakthrough approach to pain alleviation that delivers hours of relief in an all-natural, botanical balm. Their award-winning formulation is unmatched for potency and terpene content, and is ideal for melting away chronic pain and inflammation. Winner of the High-Times Cup and infused with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lavender, Papa and Barkley’s Releaf™ Balm will soothe away pain and relax your joints and muscles in no time flat.

Recommendation for Use: Massage the balm into your sore muscles and joints. Did you know it works wonders for aching hands and even clenched jaws?